Work placement evaluation report for an organization

This is a paper that focuses on the work placement evaluation report for an organization. The paper also provides guidelines how to write the report.

Work placement evaluation report for an organization

Outline of the background and specific business of the company and/or department in which you performed your work placement:
·  What is the full title of the company/institution? Give a brief history of the company, full mailing address and relevant web links.
·  What is the type of ownership of the company/institution? State the main shareholders and their shares.
·  Give an overview of the employing organisation’s size, structure, and commitment to work placement/co-op positions. Use the company literature or web page directly to help you generate detail but avoid simple copy-and-paste composing – assimilate the material.
·  What kind of organisation did you choose (commercial hotel, airport hotel, conference centre, suite hotel, residential hotel, boutique hotel, casino hotel, resort hotel, restaurant, bar, country club)? Give details about the establishment.
What are the organisation’s mission/vision?
How many employees are there in the organisation you worked in?
What does the organisation offer that is different from that of other organisations? What makes it a unique organisation?


Individual student work experiences vary considerably and, therefore, no two work evaluation reports will be alike. You might have focused during your work experience on a specific research project to learn additional technical skills. However, the results may eventually be utilised for some other purpose. When you are writing the report please have the following in mind:
Tips and suggestions for writing the report:

Before writing the report, review your journal entries for facts and themes to be incorporated in your report.
Clearly define and consistently maintain the focus of the report (limit your writing to the guidelines, avoiding major digressions).
Follow a logical plan of organisation (following the content guidelines will assist you in doing this)
Use supporting evidence and relevant details to develop the subject matter.

Establish coherence between and within paragraphs, particularly through clear order and transition.
Strive for sentence clarity and variety.
Follow proper English language rules in developing your sentence structure, paragraphing,

grammar, and spelling.

·  Document any source of information used (use of such sources as books, magazines, interviews, etc.,

·  The physical appearance of your report as well as its content should reflect professionalism. Take

pride in your work.

·  Word count: Minimum 5,000 words.

To help you focus on what to include in your work evaluation report, you may want to consider the following:

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