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DNP Entry Essay Application

DNP Entry Essay Application The applicant should read the two proposed articles. After reading both articles, the applicant will reflect on the role of a DNP-prepared nurse in the healthcare system and answer the following questions: 1. Why is there a need for DNP-prepared nurses in the current healthcare system? 2. How do you anticipate […]

Application for Admission to Graduate School

Application for Admission to Graduate School Instructions The personal statement should be a carefully prepared document that is double-spaced and typewritten. Please place your name at the top righthand margin on each page and number pages at the bottom center. 1. Describe in detail your understanding of social work as a profession. 2. Describe the […]

Biomimicry and Biophilia

The following document contains the directions for your End-Semester Research project. Check the Due Dates for the deadline The project is worth 200 points. 1. The specific requirement is for you to write a research paper (200 points) that describes and compares biomimicry and biophilia and relates these ideas to what you have learned in […]

Black Maternal Mortality

Black Maternal Mortality Final Papers are due on the date listed in Canvas. There are no exceptions to this date. Papers must meet scholarly requirements including APA format throughout the paper including writing style, tables, figures, and citations. Sections must include the following: Abstract Introduction and Purpose Literature-Map and Literature Review Research Question(s) or Problem […]

Custom Essay Writing by Professional Essay Writers

Custom Essay Writing by Professional Essay Writers Nursing Essays Den for Custom Essay Writing by Professional Essay Writers. Nursing Essay Den is a community of nurses willing to share their experiences in their academic work and seek help on how to write the best essays. Many nurses combine work and education, and their little time […]

Nursing Research Primary vs Secondary Sources

Nursing Research Primary vs Secondary Sources Identify the difference between a primary and a secondary source in literature. Pick any topic for your research proposal, give one example from the research reports that you are using for that topic. Examine the references from one of the research reports that you are using in this topic. […]

Sharing Juvenile Program

Sharing Juvenile Program Suppose you were to implement a program for juveniles.  What would your program address and how would you go about starting this program? The paper should include the following sections: 1.An abstract summary 2.A statement of need or importance of the program supported by literature 3.What your objectives would be. 4.Your plan […]

Five Stages of Grief

Five Stages of Grief In 2-3 pages, please explain the five stages of grief. Include the following information in your discussion. Who is the nurse theorist we associate with the five stages of grief? Name the five stages of grief and describe the manifestations we would expect to see with each one. Are the five […]

Glucose Regulation Case Study

Glucose Regulation Case Study Case Presentation Maria is a 34-year-old woman with who presents to a healthcare provider to establish primary care and management of her diabetes. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago, and has a history of polycystic ovary syndrome and hypertension. She works as a pharmacy technician at a […]