Internal and external analysis of BACHI Barcelona SWOT Analysis

Internal and external analysis of BACHI Barcelona SWOT Analysis

This is an assignment that focuses on the internal and external analysis of BACHI barcelona. The paper also focuses on the strengths, opportunities, and threats of the Bachi.

The internal and external analysis of BACHI barcelona

The specifics are as follows: BACKGROUND BACHI Barcelona ( is a company that sells medium-high range handbags and accessories for men and women. This project has been created by two friends, Meritxell and also Nuria, passionate about fashion and fully orientated to the satisfaction of their customers through their products, and it has been in the market for one year. These two enterprising women have a common idea: to create comfortable accessories but without sacrificing innovative designs.

Therefore, their products seek differentiation through originality, because their patterns are visible both inside and outside of the bags, thereby creating a different product. BACHI Barcelona stands out for online sales through a website that tries to be intuitive and with a high navigability whilst, of course, gaining visibility for their bags and accessories. In addition, it has the following services: – Complete catalogue of their accessories for online sale. – Filtering by categories and price system, to customize searches. – Offers and temporary discounts on some products. – Form for potential customers to request information. – Delivery service of 24-48 hours. Cost: € 5 (other costs assumed by BACHI Barcelona).

The internal and external analysis of BACHI Barcelona

1. Firstly, create the mission, vision and values of BACHI Barcelona

2. Secondly, with the information provided, we need to carry out an internal analysis based on the evaluation of both the website and any internal elements mentioned. • Describe and explore the competitive advantages and disadvantages of BACHI regarding its competitors. Identify the tangible resources (physical and financial), the intangible resources and the capacities that we have. Prepares a VRIO analysis of the resources of BACHI Barcelona. Conclude the exercise with a small matrix that reflects the resulting Strengths and Weaknesses.

3. Thirdly, perform an external analysis (macroenvironment and microenvironment) of the current situation. • PEST analysis. i. 4 elements of the economic structure. ii. 2 elements of the technological structure. iii. 2 elements of the political structure. iv. elements of the social structure. • Analysis of the 5 Porter Forces i. Bargaining power with suppliers. ii. Power of negotiation of the consumers. iii. Threat on income of substitute products. iv. Threat of new competitors. v. Rivalry among competitors. • End the exercise with a small matrix that reflects the resulting Opportunities and Threats.

4. Then, in accordance with the Weaknesses, Strengths (internal analysis), Opportunities and Threats (external analysis), propose the following: • Defensive strategy. • Offensive strategy. • Survival strategy. • Reorientation Strategy.

5. Finally, develop a BSC in the form of a matrix. 6. Based on the contribution of Michael Porter, you must propose and justify the following (one of each): • Strategy in Cost Leadership. • Differentiation Strategy. • Focus Strategy.

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