Global economic consequences of Brexit Britain leaving the EU

Global economic consequences of Brexit Britain leaving the EU

This is an assignment that discusses the global economic consequences of Britain leaving the EU. The paper also investigates other factors that will be affected through the Brexit process.

The global economic consequences of Britain leaving the EU

Brexit: The global Economic Consequences of Britain leaves the EU: Aftermath of UK Referendum

Case Assignment The outcome of the U.K. vote, which surprised global financial markets, implies the materialization of an important downside risk for the world economy. As a result, the global outlook for 2016-17 has worsened, despite the better-than-expected performance in early 2016. This deterioration reflects the expected macroeconomic consequences of a sizable increase in uncertainty, including on the political front. This uncertainty is to take a toll on confidence and investment, including through its repercussions on financial conditions and market sentiment more generally.

The initial financial market reaction was severe but generally orderly. As of mid-July, the pound has weakened by about 10 percent; despite some rebound, equity prices are lower in some sectors, especially for European banks; and yields on safe assets have declined. In this paper, students are to describe the history of Brexit, analyze potential impacts and implications of the Brexit. Also,  critically assess different strategies to implement so as to reduce the EU’s (as well as the world’s) dependency on Britain membership to EU. In attempting the assignment, students are to apply concepts, tools and techniques introduced during the course. The assignment is  to make students (i) apply economic analysis to a real world situation and (ii) search in current newspapers, periodicals, on-line, in order to find data and articles that illustrate a specific issue. (Individual term paper/case study assessing course Learning Objective 6.)

Submission guideines

The paper should be written using the APA formatting and citation guidelines before submitting it. Ensure you include sources that you will use in writing this paper.

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