Evolution of online marketing strategies and trends and practices

Evolution of online marketing strategies and trends and practices

This is an assignment that focuses on the evolution of online marketing strategies and trends and practices. The paper also discusses the improvement planning organization of skills.

The evolution of online marketing strategies and trends and practices

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:
Knowledge and Understanding.

1. Firstly, critically discuss the evolution of online marketing strategies and the latest trends and practices.
2. Secondly, critically discuss and evaluate websites based on their search and social media optimisation and digital presence
3. Thirdly, critically evaluate the principles and processes involved in developing integrated marketing communications, including the impact of technology and other environmental influences on marketing communications and the media.
4. Fourthly, analyse the benefits, problems and challenges faced by businesses in using various social media marketing communication tools within complex global environments.
Transferable/Key Skills and other Attributes.

On completion of this module students will have had the opportunity to:
5.     Then, improve their planning, organizing and time management skills
6.     Additionally, improve their research skills and data analysis
7.     Also, develop their analytical and problem-solving skills
8.     Practice using initiative
9.     Develop effective written and oral communication skills

10. Work both individually and collaboratively to solve a given problem
a)    Create an optimised personal digital profile sufficient to apply for a job of your choice. This has to also include a number of social media profiles based on your justifications and one compulsory optimised blog post.
b)    Then, document your work in an Individual assessment report which should include:
a.     Analysis
b.     Plan
c.     Combination of work done

The evolution of online marketing strategies and trends and practices

Individual Assessment Report structure:

Analysis – 50 marks:

1.     Firstly, you must conduct a Search and Social Media Marketing analysis for those key skills and attributes that are desired by potential employers, in an area where you would like to work (10 Marks).

2.     Secondly, this should include the keywords for main industry specific skills (10 Marks).
3.     Thirdly, this should also include the key influencers and individuals who would make employment decisions or help in your application process (10 Marks).

4.     Fourthly, for the top ten of your competitors you should conduct a thorough evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their use of professional social media profiles – also how often do they engage? What are their forms of engagement? Then, what can you learn from their behaviour using social media profiles analysis tools and techniques? (10 Marks).

5.     Lastly, based on your analysis develop your personal benchmarks that you would like to attain within the given time and set up monitoring processes (10 Marks).

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