The Darden Restaurants Inc industry project analysis

This is a paper focusing on the Darden Restaurants Inc industry project analysis. The paper also provides clear guidelines and instructions for writing this assignment.

The Darden Restaurants Inc industry project analysis

This is a group project about Darden Restaurants, Inc. I am responsible for part 6 “Recent News” section, which I highlight in yellow below. That part will be required a minimum of 3 sources in APA format.
Since, this will not be in the beginning of the paper I will not need introduction and conclusion in my part.

COMPANY RESEARCH REPORT Topic: Darden Restaurants, Inc.

1.       Cover
Include the title of your report, the date submitted, and the authors’ names.

2.       Table of Contents (page numbers not necessary though helpful)

3.       Executive Summary

4.       Industry overview

Industry definition
•       Firstly, carefully define the industry (including identifying the North American Industry Classification System or NAICS code) in which the company competes. Use business language.
•       Secondly, identify the activities (products and services) for this industry.

The market
•       What is the market size (of the entire market, not just the market of your group’s company) and also volume (be specific as to whether it is U.S., global, North America, etc.)?  • What is the industry growth rate?
o    Include projections for 3 – 5 years
•       Who are the core customers and why?

Major competitors
•       Firstly, who are their top three competitors?
•       Secondly, what is the market share for each major competitor?

Key industry trends
•       Describe which trends (for example:  economic, technological, demographic, political, regulatory, and/or social) affect your company’s industry performance.

5.       Company overview

Company history and background
•       What is the company background/history (when was it founded and by whom)? How many employees do they have?  Also, where are they located?

Products, customers, revenues, & profit
•       Firstly, provide an overview of the company’s key products and services and, if possible, the proportion of revenue generated by each.  • What is the annual revenue and profit (net income) of the company for the last 3-5 years?  o            Use graphical formats (charts, graphs or tables) to present numbers so that trends are apparent
•       Secondly, what is your company’s stock symbol?  How has their stock performed over the past year and (if available) compared with the past 3-5 years?

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