Novo Nordisk fitting themes of organization

Novo Nordisk fitting themes of organization

T‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍his is an assignment that focuses on the Research paper on Novo Nordisk fitting themes of organization. The paper also requires the inclusion of classic management theories.

Research paper on Novo Nordisk fitting themes of organization

Create a research paper on Novo Nordisk, which has to be based on one/or several fitting themes of organization and corporate communication (see appendix documents listed below) Ten standard pages – excluding references and appendixes 12-font times roman The format follows the classical structure of an annotated research paper with an introduction, a research question, theories, analysis, findings, discussion and conclusion. The introduction may include the state of affairs for global management in general related to the challenges from organizational behavior and corporate communications perspective.

Maybe include the classic management theories related to recent theory to underscore a few important developments over the years. Maybe include saying(s), anecdote, statistics, quote or picture. The research question is a statement of the motivation and research question or problem formulation. You could also include sub-question (s) or hypotheses. The CASE description should be short and related to your research question.

Appendixes (max 4):

1.Firstly, theoretical mind map related to research question 2.Secondly, team communication: diversity; power; motivation; culture; Work-life balance, leadership 3. Thirdly, organizational charts: hierarchy, headquarter-subsidiary 4. Fourthly, corporate values, sustainability, crises or stakeholder mappings References: (APA 6th edition) Textbooks; theories in textbook Course and other articles Homepages Appendix models: Own construction based on scholars NOTE: To obtain a high grade, you have to address the Learning Objectives e.g. answer your research question; link organizational behavior and corporate communication theories; discuss theoretical assumptions, etc.

Learning objectives: – Account for key concepts, theories and perspectives in Organizational Behavior and Corporate Communication – Demonstrate the ability to use them in analyses of relevant business/organizational issues – Demonstrate the ability to discuss their interconnectedness and to critique assumptions underlying the course material as well as own assumptions Course content, structure and pedagogical approach:

The aim of this course is to provide students with – relevant theories, concepts and models within the field of organizational theory and organizational behavior, – perspectives and models related to the design of organizational structures, – theoretical and practical knowledge about how organizations communicate internally and with the external environment, and how they organize themselves in order to communicate more effectively (as well as for other organizational purposes), and – the ability to critically reflect on the theories, concepts and models and their relevance in describing, analyzing and evaluating issues of organization and corporate communication in relation to companies and organizations. The course focuses on two main fields: – Organisational theory – Corporate communication

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