Organizational factors that promote effective project management

Organizational factors that promote effective project management

This is an assessment that discusses the organizational factors that promote effective project management. Additionally, the assessment will require construction of a plan to manage Levi Jeans.

Organizational factors that promote effective project management

Assessment Description.

In this individual assessment, students will analyse the organisational factors that promote effective project management. This will be by analyzing elements of the project management planning and execution phases that may give rise to ethical compromises. Also, and more importantly, students will practice creating an integrated project management plans that meet industry standards and objectives.

Assessment Instructions

• Firstly, construct a plan to project manage these Levi jeans to success using the five stages of IPECC as per PMBOK.

• Secondly, use the criteria for success from assessment 1 and software that would be the best fit for this task from assessment 2. Justify both these choices.

Also, use research and common sense to find all the data you need for each step in your complete project plan

Additionally, there will be additional information which gives a fuller description of the assessment requirements along with KBS presentation guidelines.

Please refer to the marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.

Thirdly, you are to use at least 12 sources of information. Additionally, reference in these assessment to be in accordance with Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. These may include websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal articles, and newspaper articles. These references should be in a a reference list at the end of your report.

Assessment Information.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969. This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Kaplan Business School pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (‘Act’). The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act.

Assignment Submission

Lastly, this file submission is to be as a ‘Word’ document to avoid any technical issues. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered as a legitimate submission.

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