Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Russia

This is a paper that focuses on the Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Russia. The paper also provides the outlines for writing this paper.

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Russia

Topic:  Create an entire Integrated Communication Campaign for a brand of your choice and for the target Market of Russia (or one of its major cities). The campaign must be introduced by an internal analysis and exhaustive presentation of the brand and also its previous and actual communication campaign.
Report Structure as follows (approx. word count for each section used as a guide only)

1)    Executive Summary (approx. 100 words)

Succinctly outlines

The aims/objectives of the study
The methodology  (how it was done)
The main results of the analysis and decisions

2)    Secondly, brand analysis and internal analysis, including communication strategy (approx. 200 words) that describes who is the brand and also the company, its brief history and activity. It also describes how the brand arrived to the present point.

3)    Thirdly, communications Situation Analysis (approx. 500 words) that describes where the brand is now. This analysis of background information of the communication strategy is the research that provides the basis for the objectives, strategy and also tactics. An extended map with all the components of the situation analysis follows in the attachment

4) Fourthly, target Market Profile (approx. 500 words) this is the section to provide recommendations on target audience.
➢     Firstly, on what basis are you segmenting consumers? (demography? psychographics? attitudes? purchasing behaviour?)
➢     Secondly, what is their likely motivation(s) towards your product?
➢     Thirdly, do they have particular media consumption patterns?

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Russia

5) Objectives (approx. 100 words) are goals or aims or end results that communicators should seek to achieve. Marketing communications objectives typically refer to the goals that marketing communications have in affecting the mind of the target audience. They should be presented in a hierarchy:

➢  Marketing objectives

➢  Communication objectives
6) Lastly, integrated Marketing Communications Strategy: your idea (approx. 500 words)

Strategy provides the direction for all those involved in the campaign to follow. It provides the framework within which they should operate. It is a means by which it is intended to achieve the objectives stated. Examples:

A Marketing Strategy: e.g. Increase sales of Budweiser in supermarkets

A Marketing Communications Strategy: e.g. Re-positioning the brand to appeal to a younger, more upmarket group of ‘at home’ drinkers

Subsequently, given the limitations in the amount of information that can be communicated in a presentation, I would recommend that the focus for coverage of other communications channels should be on the integration of the brand positioning and key messages across other communication channels.

You may wish to consider the following: sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, event marketing, ambient media, product placement, digital communications and also so on. Additionally, your written submission will allow you to expand on your recommendations for other communications channels. Given the reduced emphasis of advertising in contemporary marketing communication, you are also at liberty to decide that advertising is not your lead medium.

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