Identification of a management principles relating topic

This is a paper that focuses on the identification of a management principles relating topic. The paper also provides guidelines on how to write the assignment.

Identification of a management principles relating topic

Project Description:
Your team will choose a topic related to management principles in today’s fast paced business environment.  Research the topic thoroughly.  Write a paper defining the topic, issues related to the topic, and your findings related to the topic.  Include your team’s thoughts and ideas: what “best practices” would you deliver given the opportunity to be a supervisor who must address the topic and related issues.

Firstly, choose a topic that interests your team.  Sample topics are listed in the course syllabus.  Your team can select one of those topics or you can choose another related topic, such as: Leadership/Motivation, Management Control, Effective Planning, Organizing for Success, etc.

Secondly, if several team members are currently working, perhaps a topic and related management/supervision issue common to their current places of employment might be interesting and helpful to you in the “real world”.  Suggestion: choose a particular issue(s) related to an overall topic.  For example: you may want to research recent changes in management strategy – as determined by upper management and practiced by floor supervisors in the retail store environment.

Thirdly, resources you may want to leverage include: our course textbook, the internet (Google!), the slides you can find on Springboard, your notes from our class sessions, the Kent library, the public library and more…
You should not have to pay for information: free data is available.

Project Deliverable:

Write a minimum six page paper and submit it in hard copy format to the instructor.  Single space and also use size 10 or 12 font.  Be sure to reference your resources on the last page.  The format of the paper should be…
·         Executive Summary
o    Single page summary of the paper: include what you learned about your management topic!
·         Body of the paper
o    Description of the topic
o    Issue(s) related to the topic

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