Topline health case study presentation

Topline health case study presentation

This is an assignment that focuses on the Horse owners on Topline health case study presentation. The paper also gives an outline on the guidelines of the assignment.

Horse owners on Topline health case study presentation


The interactive presentation should focus on an in-depth analysis of the campaign highlighting both the strengths of the campaign as well as aspects that can be improved. Areas identified as weaknesses should also include a recommendation on how they can be improved. The students presenting are to conduct additional research as part of their preparation. This research includes, but is not limited to: background research on the organization, industry, etc., to provide context for the campaign; detailed review of press and also collateral materials; earned media assessment (reach and content); social media monitoring; competitive analysis of how the campaign measures up to the competition; and case study comparison to similar campaigns and efforts.

Firstly, as part of the presentation, students will develop an engaging PowerPoint/Keynote presentation and lead class discussion following their presentation. The discussions are designed to encourage class participation and to demonstrate the students’ preparation for the class. In addition to the presentation, students are asked to prepare a 2-page brief that summarizes case analysis.

Presentation Outline

I. Firstly, summarize the case study: Problem Target audience Objectives Program activities (includes your additional research on the campaign) Success (evaluation)

II. Analysis: 1. Why do you think the campaign was a success? (coherent argument based on assigned course readings and lecture notes)

2. Secondly, what do you like about the case study? Why? (coherent argument based on assigned course readings and lecture notes)

3. Thirdly, how can the campaign be improved? (coherent argument based on assigned course readings and lecture notes) Think Critically: why certain strategies work for the specified target audience(s); also what are other effective strategies that could have been used in the campaign; what are some drawbacks and limitations: target audience? messages? strategies?; was the problem identified correctly; was the evaluation methodology appropriate for this campaign, if not, what is the appropriate methodology? Make sure you incorporate relevant information/concepts from course readings into your analysis (at least three sources). Additionally, take a look at the Effective Communication principles discussed in Hendrix, Hayes and Kumar (ch 2). I

II. Discussion: 1. Lastly, develop five GOOD questions for the discussion in the class. Questions must relate to the substance of the campaign NOT its subject matter

2. Lead the discussion. DO NOT ANSWER YOUR OWN QUESTIONS. IV. Turn in the outline of your presentation

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