Help Calculate Company Financial Ratios

Help Calculate Company Financial Ratios

The essay  entails a paper on a Company’s Financial Statements and the Amazon Cash Flows in the world economy. Company’s Financial Statements are the sole busines documents which enable a firm to run well and keep track of their profits.

Company’s Financial Statements Amazon Cash Flows

Firstly, analyze AMAZON, and please use all the ratios on the the uploaded source. The uploaded source is the example for this assignment. A 1,500 word typewritten paper discussing the company. Your discussion should give a brief history of the company.

Secondly, the paper should also discuss the results of your group’s financial analysis of the company as outlined in the next step. In particular, you should discuss anything you noted in your financial statement analysis related to the difficulties. (Were there any hints that might have warned a savvy investor about the difficulties before they became publicly known?) You should also make a statement about your opinion of the stock price.

Thirdly, your group should rate the stock as 1.) Buy, 2.) Outperform, 3.) Hold, 4.) Underperform, or 5.) Sell based on current conditions. The written work needs to be your own original thought and words. Your group should obtain the company’s (amazon) for the most recent year (or for the year in which the interesting events or difficulties were experienced.

Also, you must use the company’s actual financial statements…not digests of the statements from a third party finance web site. You should be able to obtain the annual report from the company’s website or the SEC Edgar system. Using the phrase “Investor Relations” in searches can usually speed up your search.

Lastly, these techniques include horizontal and vertical analysis of the balance sheet and income statement and ratio analysis using as many ratios as possible shown in the textbook. The group may also want to examine other relevant Statement Studies This might include the footnote disclosures, the Statement of Cash Flows, SEC filings, press releases or books such as RMA Statement Studies or Dun & Bradstreet Credit Services.