Developing marketing strategy presentation

Developing marketing strategy presentation

This is an assignment that focuses on development of an overall marketing strategy presentation. The paper is to address various aspects as indicated below.

Development of an overall marketing strategy presentation

This is a presentation from completion of a marketing strategy and plan for implementation, you will need to present this information to your client (your chosen business). You will create a presentation sharing your overall marketing strategy.

You will need to use presentation software such as PowerPoint, Prezi, or another professional presentation tool. The presentation should be 10–15 slides in length and cover all aspects of the overall marketing strategy. Slides should be bulleted, with notes that explain in detail the information on each slide. Slides should be professional in nature and free from grammar and spelling errors.

Your presentation should address each of the following:

Characteristics of the marketing-driven strategy the company will take
Marketing segmentation strategy
Customer relationship management strategy
Strategy for collecting information about potential customers
Strategic partnerships the company could develop that would help promote both companies
Strategy for managing the top-selling product/service
Pricing strategy for one of the top-selling products/services
Digital strategy

Your presentation should also include the following:

At least two ideas for sales promotion, advertising, and sale promotion strategies
A plan to measure marketing performance

You will submit your presentation deck (slides) for this assignment.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are as follows:
Firstly, analyze the concept of strategic marketing.
Then, formulate a marketing strategy based on markets, segments, and customer value.
Establish market-driven strategies as they relate to specific situations and implement market-driven strategies in a marketing plan.
Evaluate the importance of value chain strategies to the marketing channel.
Defend the use of marketing with social networks.
Research pricing objectives, price sensitivity, strategies, policy, and structure to determine the best pricing strategy.
Lastly, analyze the selling functions used by organizations to increase buyer response to marketing strategies.

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