Concept of crowd creation and the private sector

Concept of crowd creation and the private sector

This is an assignment  that discusses the definition of the concept of crowd creation and the private sector. The assignment uses two countries to identify the approaches.

Definition of the concept of crowd creation and the private sector

Different national cultures have different approaches to creativity and innovation. Using two countries of your choice, explain how these different approaches can affect the level of innovative output between your chosen two countries.

Crowd creation is changing the way that private sector organisations work.

Firstly, define the concept of crowd creation and argue to what extent it is becoming more attractive to the private sector. Then, apply a private sector case study of your choice to your argument.
Multinational enterprises (MNEs) face increasing competitive pressure to produce more blue ocean innovations in less time. Define boundary practices and boundary objects and apply them to an MNE case study of your choice to explain how they can contribute to faster blue ocean innovations.

Contemporary entrepreneurial personal development involves developing business through personal networks. Define the concept of relational learning and apply it to a business idea that you intend to develop in the future.

Additional Optional Essay Choices for Business and Finance (BAF) Students
NOTE: BAF students can either choose one essay from this section or one from the topics above
Consumer protection is a growing concern due to online fraud. The evidence is clear given that the banking community is currently tightening up on security. Explain how blue ocean concepts might help to make bank accounts more secure for consumers, using a case study of your choice.

Crowd funding platforms are an effective alternative to banks for raising money. Using a case study of your choice, analyse to what extent this statement is accurate.

NOTE: Further Reading Resources on Black Board may help you start your research.

General assessment criteria

The above titles are to be broad in scope.  Therefore your answer should be narrowed down to an aim that should be clarified in your introduction.

Define concepts and also provide sources for them before applying them.

Critique theories by comparing and contrasting them.

Enrich your synthesis with illustrations to underpin theories and your arguments.

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