Delirium and Dementia.

Word count is NOT one of the criteria that is used in assigning points to writing assignments. However,
students who are successful in earning the maximum number of points tend to submit writing assignments
that fall in the following ranges:
Undergraduate courses: 350 – 500 words or 1 – 2 pages.
Graduate courses: 500 – 750 words or 2 – 3 pages.
Doctoral courses: 750 – 1000 words or 4 – 5 pages.
All work must be free of any form of plagiarism. Put written answers into your own words. Do not simply cut
and paste your answers from the Internet and do not copy your answers from the textbook. Be sure to refer to
the course syllabus for more details on plagiarism and proper citation styles.
Please answer ONE of the following:
• Include your name, student number, course number, course title and unit number on each page
of your writing assignment (this is for your protection in case your materials become separated).
• Begin each writing assignment by identifying the question number you are answering followed by
the actual question itself (in bold type).
• Use a standard essay format for responses to all questions (i.e., an introduction, middle
paragraphs and conclusion).
1. Describe delirium and dementia. What are the main differences?

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