Evidence-based practice and occupational therapy

Evidence-based practice and occupational therapy

This is an assignment that focuses on what is the evidence-based practice and occupational therapy importance. The paper also requires intensive discussion on occupational therapy.

What is the evidence-based practice and occupational therapy

ASSESSMENT TITLE: What is evidence-based practice (EBP) and also why is this important within occupational therapy?

Introduction: The introduction should set the scene for the reader.
. An introduction to evidence-based practice.
. A summary of what you are going to talk about in the main body of your work.

Main body of assignment: The main body of your assignment should aim to answer the question.
The question to be broken down into two sections. However, you may decide to structure your assignment.
What is evidence-based practice?
.  You have already given a brief introduction to this, but you should now elaborate, considering EBP in its broadest sense within health care, and then narrowing this down to Occupational Therapy.
. It may be appropriate within this section to consider the hierarchy of evidence and also how this relates to us applying evidence to our practice.

. You may also want to consider the relevance of qualitative and quantitative research here, in terms of their strengths and weaknesses when applying research findings to our practice.

Why is this important within Occupational Therapy?
. Firstly, to answer this part of the question, you need to discuss why EBP is important in occupational therapy practice.
. Secondly, you may want to consider the benefits and barriers to EBP within this section.
. Thirdly, you should consider the important of EBP from a range of perspective- for example, the individual therapist, the patient, the organisation, the profession, the public.
Remember to support your work with academic references throughout.
Conclusion: This should summarise your work for the reader, without introducing any new evidence in writing the assignment.

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