Vikra Chandra titled his story Dharma which means duty

Vikra Chandra titled his story “Dharma,” which means “duty”. Why does this title express one of the story’s themes?  How and why duty is intrinsically linked to the main character Antia?

Vikra Chandra titled his story “Dharma,” which means “duty”

1)      Vikra Chandra titled his story “Dharma,” which means “duty”. Why does this title express one of the story’s themes? Additionally, How and why duty is intrinsically link ed to the main character Antia?

2)  Infidelity is one of the themes presented in “Wilderness Tips” through the complex web of interrelationships between the sisters Prue, Portia and Pamela, and George. Also, How does the author integrate the characters’ personalities, background, and ambitions to express this theme?

3)   How can a tragedy such as the 1985 bombing of the Air India Flight 182 bring out the immigrant and identity crises revealed in “The Management of Grief”? How do main characters like Shaila Bhave and Kusum express these crises through their reactions and behaviors caused by the tragedy?

4)  Firstly, How is evil present ed as a central issue in “Mark of Satan?

Secondly, How is it embodied in the main character Harvey and in his relationship with the evangelist Thelma?

Thirdly, How can the ending of this story be interpret ed?

Lastly, Is Harvey truly repentant and has evil lost a battle or is this a delusion?


The final exam will consist on writing an essay on the topics included below.  The grade will be solely base d on the essay. It must be well written.Also, accurately express your ideas.  The essay must not be a retelling of the events of the story for the sake of retelling them.  Retelling a part of the story must be to make a point.  Credit the source of any opinion which does not belong to the student writing the essay.  Not doing so is plagiarism, and will result in annulling the exam, and the student not passing the course.

Also, avoid being repetitive. An idea already express ed in a paragraph should not be repeat ed in successive paragraphs. The minimum length is the two-page, five-paragraph essay:  in the first paragraph you should introduce the topic and express the main idea to be developed.  Paragraphs 2-3 should present arguments, examples, quotations, etc. to support the main idea presented in the first paragraph.  The last paragraph makes the conclusion.  Greater effort and extension will certainly be taken into account.  Please, confirm that you received this email and you understood and will adhere to these guidelines.  If you have any doubt, feel free to write me.

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