Trinidad and Tobago police – Administration branch transformation process

Trinidad and Tobago police – Administration branch transformation process

This is a report indicating the transformation process at the administration branch of the trinidad and tobago police service.

Administration branch transformation process – Trinidad and Tobago police service

Firstly, you are to write an Introduction. This section should involve what the aims and objectives of the report are and the context. Additionally,  to what the report will cover, why and your method of analysis.

Secondly,  the report should include a Literature Review. You will need to critically evaluate the sources in relation to the application of theory to practice.

Thirdly, you should indicate the Method of Data Collection, Data Analysis and Findings used in the report. You need to state and justify the method of analysis as appropriate to the aim and objectives of your project. Additionally, If using Systematic Review you will need to present full details of the search(es) with number of results and inclusion/exclusion criteria resulting in the final sample of evidence for review. You need to present the evidence (data) published in quality academic sources. You need to analyse in-depth the evidence (data) and present the fi‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍ndings clearly. For systematic review and comparative analysis methods a table is useful to illustrate the findings.

Fourthly, provide a discussion which you will need to interpret your findings with reference to theories introduced in the literature review. Apply the theory to the data, critically analyse. Then, evaluate in-depth the effectiveness of theory in applied in practice. What is the unique insight from your research?


Lastly, this section should initially answer the report aim and objectives and draw together the main points from your analysis. It summarises what has been learned from undertaking this project concerning the application of theory into practice. What are the main conclusions from your project? No new information should be presented in the conclusions.


Make recommendations for improvement based upon your conclusions, clearly stating how they can add value. Recommendations should be fully feasible and justified considering costs, priority level, time-scale, resources, who is responsible, benefits and any further implications. Proposals should be actionable (‘immediately implementable’) not just a list of ideas.

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