Theory of aerodynamics and simulations aircraft

Theory of aerodynamics and simulations aircraft

This is an assignment that focuses on the understanding of the theory of aerodynamics and simulations. The paper is also involving running of simulations in calculation of quantities.

The understanding of the theory of aerodynamics and simulations

Vehicle Design and Technology
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The understanding of the theory of aerodynamics

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The following module learning outcomes and professional body learning outcomes are in this assessment:

School of Engineering and the Environment. Coursework Assessment Brief. Page 2 of 7
 Firstly, understand essential elements of the theory of aerodynamics and run CFD simulations to calculate essential quantities related to high performance vehicle aerodynamics.
Please copy and paste the marking scheme and feedback form following the cover page of your assignment in Word format.
 Secondly, presenting the work of others as your own is academic misconduct and will be subject to penalty. If in doubt you are to read the university regulations on academic misconduct: Cheating in assessment and/or consult the lecturer setting the assignment.

 Referencing and citation requirements: Thirdly, you are to refer to the indicative bibliography of the module provide in Canvas and the additional bibliographic sources suggest in the lecture notes. In addition, you must undertake your own appropriate further reading and research in relation to the matters addressed in this coursework brief. Evidence of independent reading and research will be rewarded. A list of References must be at the end of the report listing all bibliographic sources cited.”
Assessment of your submission will be based on the following weighted assessment criteria as given below which relate to the specified module and PSRB learning outcomes. Assessment criteria are in Canvas in a rubric.

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