The Turn it up to 11 or The Music Paper of a chosen song

This is a paper that focuses on the Turn it up to 11 or The Music Paper. The paper also explains what is the responsibility of the student.

The Turn it up to 11 or The Music Paper

Paper 2 Turn it up to 11 or The Music Paper
Pop music has always been a part of every parent’s I just don’t get it dinner conversation. My parents didn’t get my music. Their parents didn’t get The Beatles.
Music keeps changing. It exists as an audio art form to illustrate a particular movement. Personally, the music of my college years were deeply underground, counterculture, and also subversive. My parents did not get it.
Me? Grunge? Don’t get it.
Do not use: very, really, a lot, so, different, similar, or other empty adjectives
Do not use: I believe or I think or other obvious statements of self
Must Contain: a title, a proper MLA header, at LEAST 9 paragraphs, one epigraph, at least 1 primary source (your song), 1 simile, in-text citations, a work(s) cited entry.
High value on credibility, audience, illustration, reasoning, and tone.

Your responsibility is to discuss one of the following:
1.      Firstly, how a does a specific song represent a generational culture?
(think grunge, hippies, emo, disco, etc.).

2.      Secondly, how a does a specific song represent a generational value?
(think economy, free love).

3.      Thirdly, how a does a specific song represent a community experience?
(think mumble rap, drug use, school shootings).
If this were my paper, I would start by choosing a song. Something that I know. I would not choose something out of my personal experience (like the 60’s hippie movement b/c I would have to do research –blah–). I might start with a song from my college years and then explain its value and that value is really going to become a synthesis of our personal subculture and our experience as being maligned kids in the wrong place in the wrong time. On the flip side, if you have an interest, like economics, then you might want to search for a song that talks about money, greed, consumption of goods, etc. All I need you to do is explain all that racket to me.

You should have a complete 9 paragraphs

Also, you are allowed ONE one sentence paragraph and one swear word IF your paper 1 is AWESOME!

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