The television show analysis interpretation and explication

This is a paper that focuses on the television show analysis interpretation and explication. The paper also focuses on various critical strategies criteria.

The television show analysis interpretation and explication

Write a minimum 5-6 page paper which forwards the analysis of any television show. You will analyze, interpret and also explicate the television show according to the criteria of one or more of the critical strategies (or lenses) including: Formalist, Semiotic, Psychoanalytic, Socio-economic, Feminist critical approaches.

As always, your thesis should forward an arguable interpretation and/or evaluation of the text’s value, impact, or significance according to the criteria of any of the critical strategies or “lenses” listed above.  For example, in “Mock Feminism: Waiting to Exhale,” Bell Hooks uses the feminist and socio-economic lenses (as well as semiotic) to challenge the “feminist” pretense of what Bell argues is nothing more than mainstream Hollywood capitalizing on traditional sexist and racist stereotypes under the guise of “progressive politics.”

Requirements Your essay should:

Subsequently, have a compelling, original title. Also, forward a thesis that asserts an arguable claim about the text/s based on any of the critical strategies (or “lenses”) listed above as its criteria. Also, you will need two outside sources.

See Assignment Calendar for due dates.

Thesis/Outline Worksheet & Peer Critique

1.       Firstly, what is the subject (text) of the thesis?  If applicable, is a title and/or author mentioned?

2.       Secondly, what is the central claim of the thesis?

3.       Thirdly, is the claim of the thesis too broad or too narrow?  Is it located “in” the text under consideration?  That is, can it be argued or proven primarily by an analysis of the text itself.   Explain.

4.       Fourthly, what critical strategy is the author using for his or her analysis: Semiotics, Formalist, Postmodern, a combination?

5.       Also, how is this critical strategy expressed or identified in the thesis?  Does the author “narrate” or “announce” the strategy in an intrusive or awkward manner?  Or does the author clearly imply the strategy through the nature of his or her central claim?  Explain.

6.       Additionally, is this critical strategy appropriate for the text/s under consideration?  Explain.

7.       What elements or aspects of the text are addressed by the thesis?

8.       What is this thesis statement’s greatest strength?

9.       What part of this thesis would you clarify or revise?

10.   Lastly, do the subtopics in the student/author’s outline clearly support his or her thesis?  Explain.

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