Security and privacy risks of smart cameras

Security and privacy risks of smart cameras

This is an assignment that focuses on the security and privacy risks of smart cameras analysis. The paper also identifies the assets from the asset inventory.

The security and privacy risks of smart cameras analysis

Your first deliverable is a written report. There will be an introduction and also a conclusion. Introduction should say what is this report about and the conclusion will summarise the learning or findings.
The body of the report will have 2 parts.

Part one, Literature review:

For the part one of the body of the report you will write about the analysis of security and privacy risks of connected smart cameras. For doing the literature review you are expected to critically analyse a number of published academic papers on this topic. The literature review should not be more than 1000 words.

Part two, Background Study: For the part two of the report you will present the security requirements of the ABC company considering the location of the critical assets. For the identification of assets you should refer to the ISO27001 asset inventory.  However, you are free to design organisation’s structure and its critical assets.  From there you also need to derive the security requirements. Considering the requirements you need to design where the camera should be located. Additionally, how and where the data processing should happen.

The ABC can be a business in pharmaceutical/ retail/ education sector. You need to choose one of the sectors and identify the security requirements of a company in that sector i.e. identify what are the critical assets that need security monitoring, the typical layout of such organisation, where the cameras are most logical to deploy and why.
You also need to identify within the layout of the organisation where the data would be stored, if some parts of the data are going to be stored in the cloud and so on for the design consideration of smart camera deployment. For drawing the layout you can you any design software you like and insert that in the word document of your report as a picture.

Lastly, the assignment must be in word and in Microsoft Word. The whole report should be 2500 (+ – 250) words in total including references. For referencing use Harvard style.

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