The Rogue Chase and Ball (RCB) psychologist report

This is a paper that focuses on the Rogue Chase and Ball (RCB) psychologist report. The paper also addresses three questions that are relating to RCB.

Rogue Chase and Ball (RCB) psychologist report

Coursework- A work psychologist report
What you need to do:

Rogue Chase and Ball (RCB) is a professional services firm, which offers consultancy to organisations across the UK. In one area of the business a manager needs a team of ten employees to work on a major project. The team members will work from three locations in the UK (London, Manchester and also Edinburgh).

In your role as a work psychologist, the manager has approached you to develop potential solutions to a number of concerns she has managing this new team. For this coursework you need write 2,000 words in total, addressing one of these issues.

RCB manager concerns (one to address):

1. Firstly, how to motivate team members to achieve their goals

2. Secondly, how to support team members in coping with the stress associated with working long hours

3. Thirdly, how to ensure the group works cohesively and inclusively.

How you need to do it:

Also, you need to write 2,000 words which will address the following:

Section A will need to critically discuss the literature relating to the manager’s concern you choose to address. You will therefore need to draw on academic theory and empirical literature, including the use of Harvard citations to support your discussion. This section should be approximately 1500 words*.

Section B will need to provide an action plan for the manager. This will also include a justification of the decisions you made but should be written in a way an intelligent layperson should be able to follow, and does not require Harvard referencing. This section should be approximately 500 words*.

You are able to apply a certain degree of ‘creative licence’ with the organisational example.  For example, if you want to specify the size of the organisation, the type of work they do, the gender or ethnicity composition of the ten team members, then please feel free to do this.

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