Qualitative data collection worksheet

Qualitative data collection worksheet

This is an assignment that focuses on the qualitative data collection worksheet for HEA 648. The paper also requires answering of a questionnaire.

The qualitative data collection worksheet

HEA 648 – Quantitative Data Collection Worksheet

1. Firstly, how are you going to collect quantitative data for your research proposal? (2.5 points)

In order to collect my quantitative data, I am going to conduct a cross-sectional descriptive  study. My target population are young Malien women of child-bearing age attending the two major hospital in Bamako. Participants  will be interviewed and then administered questionnaires about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
2. Secondly, why are you using the above method to collect your quantitative data? (2.5 points)

By definition, cross sectional data are the observations which come from different groups or individuals at a single point of time and also the target population should have members with similar characteristics. In addition, a cross sectional data is analyze by comparing the differences within the subject. Since my research proposal is about comparing exposed and non exposed women with FGM, I found that cross-sectional data collection will be the best fit for my specific research proposal.
3. Thirdly, design and develop an appropriate survey/questionnaire for your quantitative data. However, be sure to include all relevant questions and possible responses. If you are using questions from another source include the citation. Include your survey as an appendix to this document. (15 points)

The qualitative data collection worksheet for HEA 648

Thank you for agreeing to take part in our research. We are conducting a study about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and also its impact on women’s psychological sexual functioning.

1)       Firstly, your age: ……………………

2)       Secondly, your ethnicity
1. Bambara
2. Mandingo
3. Fulani
4. Sarakole
5. dogon

3)        Thirdly, what is your religion:
1. Isla
2. Catholic
3. Protestant
4. Jew
5. Other ………….

4) Fourthly, have you ever heard of Female circumcision

5) Then, have you yourself ever being circumcised?

Additionally, there are other questions in addition to these above in the attached document. Subsequently, ensure you answer all the questions in this assignment. This paper should be in APA style and also format.

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