Legal and ethical issues that underpin Mia Masterson

Legal and ethical issues that underpin Mia Masterson

This is an assignment that focuses on The legal and ethical issues that underpin Mia Masterson. The paper also discusses the action that nurses in the case study.

The legal and ethical issues that underpin Mia Masterson

Case study 1: Mia Masterson (No 4 Wellbeing street)
You are a registered nurse working in a local maternal and child health clinic. New parents David and Julian present with their 6 week old daughter Mia for a routine child health check. On assessment Mia appears to be developing well. Her height, weight and head circumference are within normal range. Mia is currently receiving formula via a bottle. During your consultation you notice that Mia is due for her first round of routine immunizations. You inform David and Julian of this. David states that Mia will not be receiving any immunizations. David adds that vaccines are merely as toxin-based propaganda for large pharmaceutical companies to make money. Julian further informs you that his niece was diagnosed with autism not long after having one of her vaccines and that he and David will not take the same risk with Mia.

Task description:
Students are to read each of the three case studies provided below .
For each of the three case studies, students are to provide evidence-based responses which address the following 4 points…
1) Firstly, identify the legal and ethical issues that underpin the particular case study. 2) Secondly, discuss the international, national, state, organisational and scope of practice legislation/guidelines that pertain to the case study and which would inform your work as the registered nurse in such a scenario. 3) Thirdly, explore what action (if anything) will you need to take as the registered nurse in this case study? 4) Lastly, how can you, as the registered nurse provide holistic patient and family centered care in this scenario?


Assignments should adhere to academic writing principals.
Students should use either Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman font styles.
Please only write in the third person for this assignment.

You must use the above headings to structure your assignment.
A minimum of 10 references should be for this assignment.
Assignments should be first submitted through the URKUND portal in Canvas. Please review your URKUND result and make appropriate amendments (if required) prior to your final submission in the Assignment 1 portal on Canvas to avoid plagiarism.

Marking and moderation
Marking and moderation processes will be actioned in accordance with university policy.
Prior to the start of marking, a sample of 2-3 assignments will be individually marked by all members of the marking team.
Final marks and comments will then be discussed amongst the group to standardise the assignment expectations and marking process.

Additionally, all assignments will be marked blind to student names (student IDs only visible).
All fail marks plus a cross section of all other marks (pass, credit, distinction and high distinctions) across all classes will be moderated.
Where there is a discrepancy between the marks awarded by the first and second marker, the average mark will be awarded.
If there is a student grievance around the marking, a third person will mark the assignment.

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