The implications of globalisation for SHRM to organizational impacts

This is a paper that is focusing on the implications of globalisation for SHRM to organizational impacts. The paper also focuses on the individual impacts that come up due to these implications.

The implications of globalisation for SHRM

Task Overview:  Your task is to critically discuss ‘The implications of globalisation for SHRM. In your response, give consideration to organisational and individual impacts’
Structure & Formatting

The essay length is 1,500 words, excluding the reference list. Include the word count at the end of the essay. Use 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins on top, bottom and on each side, standard font size 12 (e.g. Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial). Do not use colour printing, formatting templates, plastic, fancy or bound covers when submitting your essay. Do not include an executive summary, abstract, footnotes or endnotes. Marks will be deducted for violations of these presentation rules.

The essay should be written in formal academic narrative style. The essay evaluation will be for discriminatory language, clarity of expression and overall presentation including grammar, spelling and punctuation. You may not use bullet points or bracketed comments. Essays must be fully and appropriately referenced using APA referencing.

Research & Referencing
Students are to reference at least 10 academic sources from the provided list (see below). You must distinguish clearly between your own words/analysis and those of your sources using APA style. Failure to provide appropriate citations is plagiarism. Substantial marks deduction will be for inadequate or incorrect referencing. The reference list will not count towards your final word count. Substantial marks deduction will be for inadequate or incorrect referencing.Please consult Macquarie University Library’s resources for further information about referencing.
Lastly, students must submit an electronic copy of the essay to the university’s plagiarism checking software, Turnitin. Title your document with your surname and also student number, e.g., Smith123456.

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