Human rights abuse or violation of human rights by the state

Human rights abuse or violation of human rights by the state

This is an assignment that focuses on the Human rights abuse or violation identification topic discussion. The paper also provides instruction on the writing criteria.

The Human rights abuse or violation identification topic discussion

Assignment Goals:  The first section of your paper is largely expository in nature.  (This means that it is primarily informative.)  Your goal in Part I is to introduce your reader to the Human Rights abuse/violation that you have selected as your topic and that you have been researching for some time now.

The style of this section is reportorial.  (This means that you are essentially performing the role of a newspaper writer who reports on a story, conveying primarily facts—the who, what, when, where, and why that are the standard components of the journalist’s trade.)  By the end of Part I of the paper, your reader should feel well-familiar with all aspects of your selected topic.

Assignment Requirements:


Please note that the section of the essay that you are writing for this assignment does not require an introduction.  We will be crafting the Introduction and Conclusion for our Major Research Essay after we have completed Parts I, II, and III.  Since you are not required to write an introduction for this section of the paper, you may proceed directly to your first body paragraph.

This section of your essay is intended to introduce your reader to your topic.  While your goal is to provide facts, this section of the paper also affords you the opportunity to invoke the power of pathos in order to impart to your reader the serious, vital, and urgent nature of the offense(s) associated with your selected Human Rights concern.

As noted above, remember to address the following:

WHO?            Who are the primary players involved in your selected topic?  These may be individuals, groups, governments, institutions, etc.

WHAT?         What, precisely, has happened and is continuing to happen in regard to your selected topic?  Also, what is the nature of the abuse, offense, or violation?

WHEN?         When did these events begin?  Also, when did specific and relevant events occur?

WHERE?       Where are these events occurring?  Be specific in regard to country, region, city, town, neighborhood, etc.

WHY?            Why are these events occurring (i.e. what was their impetus or cause)?  Also, why is this situation a violation of the Human Rights of those involved?

[HOW:           You may have noticed that I left How off of the standard journalist’s list, which typically consists of the Five W’s & How.  This was not an oversight.  How was intentionally omitted from Part I of the paper because it will be addressed at length in Part II of the essay.  You should, therefore, specifically refrain from delving into aspects of your topic associated with how individuals, governments, organizations, law enforcement, etc. have attempted to address and/or resolve the abuses about which you are writing.]

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