Hamilton’s memoir book review on time and food memory

Hamilton’s memoir book review on time and food memorys

This an assignment that focuses on the Hamilton’s memoir book review on time and food memory. The paper also focuses on crafting a narrative writing.

The Hamilton’s memoir book review on time and food memory

Length: 4-5 pages double spaced 12pt. Times New Roman
Below are the options for this second paper. Please choose one and begin to fashion a coherent argument around the topic. A completed paper will need an attached works cited page in correct MLA format. Please remember to make sure to organize your paper in a logical fashion and craft a strong and workable claim. I direct your attention to the six qualities of effective writing in your student guide as a reminder of what exactly I am looking for in a completed final product.

1.      We spent a lot of time talking about Hamilton’s ethos as a writer. This is your chance to expand on your thoughts about how she builds her ethos in the text and how it impacts you as a reader. This will force you to unpack what you think the central point/argument of the memoir. Then how Hamilton supports that point/argument with a clever establishment of her authorial ethos. This prompt will ask that you wrestle with the common pattern of ethos within the text. I ask that you cite specific examples of ethos and their impact on the overall argument of Hamilton’s memoir.

The Hamilton’s memoir book review on time and food memory

2.      Considering that this paper is due after break, I want to take advantage of some of your travels home or otherwise. For this prompt, I ask that you craft a review of a restaurant that you have eaten at recently. Your goal in this review is to establish your own ethos as an eater whose opinion should be listened to by readers. This prompt will also challenge you to get you critically thinking about the foods you eat. Additionally, the overall point of the restaurant. If food prepared in restaurants is intrinsically linked to the people who cook them, then they have an argument or purpose.

Your goal in this review is to outline what that purpose may have been and why. Also, how it lived up to that (or not) during your dining experience. Don’t worry about where it is you eat—indeed a good interview may be made about the Sodexo markets here at Lehigh—but rather how you situate your own authority as an eater and consumer.

3.      For this prompt:

I want you to take the challenge presented in the genre of Hamilton’s book a memoir to heart: reflect on a time and specific food memory that you can craft into a 3-4 page narrative that uses food as a literary image to deliver a message worth reading. In the same way Hamilton uses the lobsters and the chicken in her memoir, use food to highlight a moment of your past. Then in a 1-2-page reflection, tell me why you made the choices you did in crafting your memoir. For this prompt, you must write a total of five pages.

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