Flint water crisis potential long term health effects

Flint water crisis potential long term health effects

This is an essay discussing the flint water crisis potential long term health effects. Additionally, the essay describes the Chemistry involved in nursing.

The flint water crisis potential long term health effects

Firstly, focus on the potential long term health effects of the Flint water crisis. Then, discuss the chemistry involved along with the connection nursing Chemistry and public health effects of the Flint River crisis.

Secondly, apply the scientific method to propose a hypothesis and set up an experiment including positive and negative controls and appropriate units of measurement. Then, predict the numbers of protons, neutrons, and electrons given the atomic symbol or limited information for a specific isotope of an element and relate them to atomic mass and charge.

Thirdly, determine chemical names and/or chemical formula for diatomic or simple polyatomic compounds. Then, draw a Lewis structure, construct a molecular geometry and determine the polarity for a covalent compound. Balance chemical equations, calculate the molar mass of all compounds in the reaction and demonstrate how mole ratios play a role in stoichiometry.

Fourthly, predict how a change in one or more of the parameters of a gas alters dependent gas parameters. Such parameters include pressure, volume or temperature. Additionally,

  • calculate the concentration and volume of a solution given solute and solvent parameters.
  • Predict the properties of identify reduction and oxidation agents. This is as well as to acids and bases by analysis of chemical formulas, chemical reactions, and solution pH values.
  • Differentiate the common classes of organic functional groups and identify the appropriate common or IUPAC names, applications, and chemical structures for simple organic compounds.
  • Differentiate between the types of radio-active decay at the subatomic level and provide real-world applications, sources, and risks.
  • Contrast the synthesis, composition, structure and functions of major biological macromolecules and Illustrate the process of flow of genetic information

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