The cultural criticism and transformation bell book analysis

This is a paper that is focusing in the cultural criticism and transformation bell book analysis. The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in the writing and submission of the assignment paper well.

The cultural criticism and transformation bell book analysis

Use the following sources:

bell hooks- theory of “Cultural Criticism & Transformation” & “Eating the Other”

Raka Shomes- Outing Whiteness

Roxanne Gay- The Politics of Respectability

Patricia Hill Collins – “Get Your Freak On”

The cultural criticism and transformation bell book analysis

Create an 8-10 page essay that analyzes a media example using the critical race and/or intersectional feminist concepts and theories learned throughout the course through these concepts.

– The media example you analyze may be drawn from popular culture, activist culture, news media, or even consumer culture. The first step in developing this essay is to create a proposal.

– For the essay proposal, your task is to develop an essay topic that meets the criteria of the assignment. A successful proposal will be concise and clearly written; focused and also narrow in scope; and demonstrate understanding of how specific course concepts and theories will apply to the chosen media example.

Additionally, the proposal should clearly identify: a research question, the argument, a brief description of the chosen media example and reasons for choosing it. Also, three main points of analysis that you anticipate making. The three points of analysis should clearly reference the scholarly sources you’ll be using in your analysis.

Four academic sources must be in the proposal, at least two of which are above. A successful proposal will do more than simply name or list the four sources. Instead, the proposal will identify important concepts from these sources and demonstrate how these sources will be applicable to the media example. Source selection will be evaluated, in part, on the demonstrated relevance of the academic sources (and specific concepts) to the proposed topic.

Proposal Structure

The essay proposal to be in essay style (in sentences, not point form), and be approx. 3 pages in length

The proposal must use the following sub-headings: Research Question(s), Preliminary Thesis Statement, Media Example, Point 1, Point 2, Point 3.

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