The critical reflection and description of a theory framework

This is an assignment that focuses on the critical reflection and description of a theory framework. The paper also requires answering of several questions relating to the topic.

The critical reflection and description of a theory framework

Task Overview:
You are required to critically reflect, describe and evaluate 2 to 4 theories/frameworks (List below)

consider and address some of the questions for each theory or framework they are reflecting on:
Firstly, what is the theory/framework you are reflecting on?

Secondly, are there aspects of the theory/framework you found particularly interesting or challenging? And Why?

Thirdly, did you experience difficulty with a particular theory/framework?  If so, what was the turning point when it became clearer and you ‘got it’? Was this through an article, an activity, a video, class and/or discussion?

Fourthly, how does the theory/framework apply to your experience? (Please note this assessment is for the organisational behaviour unit so students need to link the theory/framework to their work experience, group work at university and/or a particular activity in their OB tutorial).

Are there theories/frameworks that challenge your understanding or interpretation of this experience?
Does your knowledge of the theory/framework tie in with anything you have learned in the past or from another unit? Has it changed your perspectives, or affirmed something you already knew?

How will this new knowledge guide my future attitudes and actions at work or professional life?
Important note: You are not to share thoughts and experiences that are personal to you and outside of the content of this unit. It is entirely up to you to share thoughts and experiences that you feel comfortable with. Some experiences may be uncomfortable to reflect on. You should not reflect or share on experiences that may cause you distress.

The length of this piece should be 1000 words (+/- 10%) excluding the reference list.

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