The critical evaluation of philosopher Plato views reflection essay

This is a paper that focuses on the critical evaluation of philosopher Plato views. The paper also requires comparison and contrast of various views.

The critical evaluation of philosopher Plato views reflection essay

This Reflection Essay is to be a critical evaluation of the views of one of the major philosophers being reviewed in this course. This essay needs to be about Philosopher Plato.

The essay should set out careful arguments in which the student will compare and contrast their own personal views on philosophy with those of the selected philosopher Plato.  This process of comparison and contrast will require the student to explain how their views differ from, or are similar to, the views of the selected philosopher. The essay will be no less than 3000 words

Special Requirements To be able to compare or contrast you need to identify:

Firstly, one specific item of the views of your philosopher’s metaphysics, epistemology and value theory (all 3)
Secondly, give a correct “intext” citation (footnote) for these views (not using the textbook as a reference
Thirdly, compare and contrast your views on each of these items
Fourthly, ensure you follow the requirements of Chicago Style
Lastly, add a Bibliography (not Works Cited)

Requirements for ALL Written Essays

All essays, need to have a student’s title cover page and bibliography page, the essay or paper must meet the minimum length requirements.

All essays and papers are to be types in MSWord. Lastly, all essays and pages are to be double-spaced with a type size that is 12 point.

In the case of the reflection essay, it will include no less than three in-text references and a bibliography. (not a “Works Cited” page) which cites at least five references (including the works cited in the in-text references).

The format and set-out of the paper, the in-text references, and the bibliography must conform to the requirements of the Chicago Style manual.

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