Criminal justice system social learning standpoint

Criminal justice system social learning standpoint

This essay entails a paper on the criminal justice system and the ways of getting information including the social learning standpoint. The criminal justice system  helps in regulating the law and the order in te provision of rule of law to the cocerned parties.

The criminal justice system social learning standpoint

Firstly, for discussion board five attention  places on how social learners is exemplified in the media, specifically in either a television show or movie that contains an element of crime or the criminal justice system. The only additional qualification is that it must be fictitious. No documentaries or true crime shows and you should tie the readings/other media from this week into your responses, where reasonable. Please respond to the following questions and statements.

Briefly,  describe your selected television show/movie. Outline at least the most significant characters that are in involvement, the basic plot, and any important underlying information for the reader.

Secondly, escribe how social learning is present in your selected form of media. Be detailed in regard to how individuals are seen actually learning behaviors from others. I have included a link below showcasing an example from the show The Wire.

Thirdly, the criminal justice is all of the people and legal stuff related to incarcerating prisoners. The actual goal now is retribution. Basically, if somebody does something bad, then they deserve to be punished equivalently to the suffering they caused. I’m not going to go into why this doesn’t work at all and is immoral. Just remember, it’s essentially an eye for an eye.

Also, how is what is learners get through social learning either benefit or harm the individual/s that learned it? Does this become an important focal point throughout the show/movie, or is it a relatively minor point?

Finally, would those same behaviors benefit the individual that learned them in the actual world or not? Based upon your response.

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