The counselling process and techniques usage on a client

This is a paper that focuses on the counselling process and techniques usage on a client. The paper also provides several forums in relation to the topic.

The counselling process and techniques usage on a client

Forum post CHC53315 Cluster 5
Forum post 1

Describe when in the counselling process it is most appropriate to use each of the following counselling techniques with a client and provide a statement or question that gives an example of each technique:
Client observation

Forum post 2
Thinking about the therapeutic approaches discussed in CHCAOD008, answer the following three questions:

1.     Firstly, what is your personal reflection on the various therapeutic approaches? For example, you might discuss which you think have the most benefits, which you feel most comfortable with etc.
2.     Secondly, what motivates you to change? (You, rather than a person in general.)
3.     Thirdly, describe a situation in your life where you have made a change and the things that influenced that change? (Please note, do not disclose anything too personal here. You may describe what motivated you to change your diet, or your lifestyle).

Forum post 3
Write 100 – 200 words about the key benefits of early interventions in the context of young people and their mental health.

Forum post 4
Systems advocacy attempts to change the law, government or service policy.
Identify an advocacy issue and answer the following questions:
1. Firstly, describe the issue or change you want to see.
2. Secondly, how is the issue portrayed in the media?
3. Thirdly, how would you take a systems advocacy approach to the issue or change?
Some examples of issues could include:
Eating disorders
Domestic violence
Binge drinking
Asylum seekers
Please read the relevant resources in the Cluster 5 library guide for this topic before you answer this question, especially the resources under the heading, ‘Systems Advocacy‘.

Additionally, ensure that you include references of the sources that you are going to use.

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