When war is considered as “just” war

When war is considered as “just” war

This is an assignment that discusses the circumstances to which war is considered as “just” war. The paper also explains what the definition of integrity is in intelligence gathering.

The circumstances to which war is considered as “just” war

INTL305 Short Essay/Written Assignment #3 – Week 7

Answer these three (3) of the each of the following in approximately 200 words each.

Answer directly on this page below each question.

Those working in the Intelligence Community (IC) have special obligations and responsibilities because of their unique contributions to national security. Many intelligence professionals will face ethical challenges almost daily in their careers.

This Assignment is for you to integrate what you have learnt in this course along with what you have learnt on the job if you are or have been a member of the IC.

Please answer the following three questions with essays of a minimum of 250 words each. While your personal experience and opinions are important, remember this is an academic endeavor so please use appropriate academic references to support your key statements. The paper must conform to the University’s standards for all written assignments; the Chicago Manual of Style is the standard for citations. The paper must be double-space in a 12-point Arial or sans serif font.

1.     Firstly, under what circumstances would war be a “just” war? The law allows one to act justifiably in defense of self or defense of others. Would war also to allow in defense of others?

2.     Secondly, explain what you would consider to be a working definition of integrity for an intelligence gathering government agency. What sort of attributes would be absolutes?

3.     Thirdly, how would you define “morally intolerable” and “morally acceptable” from an intelligence operation perspective concerning national security? Is torture of terrorists or enemy combatants ever morally acceptable? How is torture defination in regulations governing the IC?

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