The assessment on research methods for RM2 module

This is a paper that focuses on the assessment on research methods for RM2 module. The paper also provides guidelines for the coursework assignment and notes to factor in the paper.

The assessment on research methods for RM2 module

Overview of module assessment: The assessment on the Research Methods 2 (RM2) module is
made   up   of   both   coursework   and   a   practical   examination.   There   are   two   pieces   of   coursework   that you  must submit and altogether these makeup 50% of your final mark for the module.The examination makes up the remaining 50% of the marks. Top ass the RM2 module, you need to achieve   a   final   aggregate   module   mark   of   40%   or   above.
RM2 Coursework Assignment 2 is a research report that contributes towards 60% of your Coursework   Marks   for   RM2.   It   therefore   contributes   towards   30%   of   your   Overall   RM2   Module

Guidelines   for   Coursework   Assignment   2
Firstly, your   research   report   will   report   a   research   investigation,   for   which   we   have   already   collected
the data as a non-­‐class activity during RM2 Practical Classes. There is a choice of two investigations   for   you   to   write   up,   which,   for   the   purpose   of   brief   description,   I   have   labelled   as  the“CRT Investigation”and the“ Community-­‐Affiliation Investigation”. Write up one of these two   investigations   in   the   form   of   a   research   report   for   RM2   Coursework

Assignment   2.

Secondly, your   research   report   should   follow   the   standard   format   for   a   psychology   research   report   (Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References) and should follow APA conventions for in-­‐text citation and referencing. In addition to the main section headings (Introduction,   Method,   etc.)   it   is   recommended   that   you   use   sub-­‐headings   (of   your   choice)   in   the  Method   section,   and   elsewhere   if   you   feel   that   this   helps   the   reader   to   follow   your   report.

Thirdly, there   are   separate   word   limits   for   the   various   elements   of   the   research   report,   as   follows:
Title=15 words
Abstract=200 words
Main Text comprising Introduction, Method, Results & Discussion (altogether)=3500 words
The   word-­‐count   for   the   Main   Text   excludes   the   Title,   Abstract,   References   and   Appendices;   but includes  all   elements   within   the   body   of   the   Main   Text,   including   titles   and   sub-­‐titles,   footnotes,
tables   (including   table   contents,   titles   and   any   rubrics/notes)   and   figure   legends.
• Appendices (if included)=1000 words

Lastly, the   word   count   for   the   Appendices   includes   all   elements   of   the   Appendices   (as   per   the   guidance for   the   Main   Text).
All   word-­‐counts   above   are   strict   maxima;   there   are   progressive   penalties   for   assignments   that
exceed   these   word-­‐counts.   There   is   no   minimum   number   of   words   for   the   assignment.
The   References   section   should   contain   the   correctly   formatted   reference   for   each   source   that   is
cited in the report (there is no maximum word count for the References section).

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