Ancient Greek world history of Games and sports

Ancient Greek world history of Games and sports

This essay entails a paper on the The Ancient Greek world whivh reflects to history of Games and sports that started long time ago. Ancient Greek world is described as the craddle of games and the first olympics were held here. It plays a huge role in the improvements of the technology that is used in sports.

The Ancient Greek world history of Games and sports

Firstly, answer any TWO of the following three essay questions. Type your answers  in 12 point font, double spaced, with one inch margins, APA reference style, include page numbers. Submit as a Word document via the Turn-it-in link on our course page on TITANium.

Secondly, write a minimum of 2 pages for each answer. Be sure to use (and directly reference) the chapter readings we have covered in class as a foundation for your arguments. Sport in the Ancient World. Baron Pierre de Coubertin asserted that the modern Olympic Games were a festival of peace and should be free of politics and government interference. He claimed this tradition dated back to the ancient world.

Also, a synopsis would be that ancient greek games grew out of religious festivals hence why Olympia and Delphi are important religious sites in their own right as well as important sporting sites (especially Delphi).

Eventually, Elites from all over the Hellenic world would gather at these religious festivals.

Thirdly, using examples and evidence, argue whether you agree or disagree with Coubertin’s position on sport in ancient society. Did sport and politics ever collide in the ancient Greek world? The ancient Games were clearly a demonstration of athletic excellence. But who were the athletes, how did they qualify, and what did they win (material and immaterial)? Answer this question using evidence and examples.

Lastly, it is impossible to deny that sport in the ancient world celebrated and reinforced the practice of religion. Based upon your research and writing, explain the connection between the ancient Olympic Games and ancient Greek religious rites and rituals. I will give whoever writes this paper the textbook in pdf form.

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