The analysis of policies relating to the recruitment of teachers

This is an assignment that focuses on the analysis of policies relating to the recruitment of teachers. The paper also checks the failures of creating a proportional diverse teaching body.

The analysis of policies relating to the recruitment of teachers

This essay analyses a body of policies relating to the recruitment of teachers/headteachers. Additionally, the failure to create a proportionally diverse teaching body in England and Wales. We explore the complex interrelationship between gender, race and sexuality in the production of the identity of Black majority educators (BMEds). As well as the non-visible minority of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer/Curious educators (LGBQEds).

Also, we based ourselves on the perspective that systemic Whiteness and Gender Normativity in schools are at the root of the underrepresentation and oppression of both groups. We examine how policy documents and allochronic discourses seek to mask oppression that permeates into our education system. Through discourse-analytical tools, and by examining ethnographical accounts provided by BMEds and LGBQEds.  We theorise how policy and school practices both help to perpetuate Whiteness and heteronormativity.

This is as currencies by providing evidence of the exclusionary practices which are barring the recruitment and promotion of these groups. Informed by Critical Race Theory (CRT), and Duncan’s concept of allochronism (2005), we seek to raise a deeper understanding of the complexity behind the underrepresentation of BMIs and disfranchisement of LGBQEds in education.

Structure and guidelines

I am looking to make the following adaptions:

1. structure and clarity of argument. I am focussing on a lot of different ideas, on a complex issue. You need to include clearer signposts to the various sections and steps in your arguments as at times it is a bit difficult to follow. There are places where restructuring and reparagraphing is required so that my ideas come across in a clearer manner.

2. There are also some sections that end on a somehow vague statement or recommendations. It would be useful to emphasise the point of the section first, link it explicitly to thequestion. Also, keep the recommendations for the concluding section. It would help a non-specialist reader to have definitions of some of eachconcepts, and also to situate the theoriesI am using in relation to mainstream policy approaches closer to the beginning of your essay. Some terms need to be clarified as well in light of the existing literature (feminism; feminization of work).

3. A clearer conceptualization of CRT and Queerness and how they interrelate would also be useful. For example in the conclusion, to bring the different strands together. I wonder if the link with Black feminism could be made here to help connect the dots. 4. And finally, the abstract suggests that policy analysis would be quite central to my essay as well as ethnographic material, but it is not so much the case so perhaps this needs to be adapted. I look forward to reading the final version

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