The analysis of China’s diplomatic philosophy and national interests regarding domestic and international humanitarian crisis

I have already wrote the paper, but just left the last part part V, in which I will give you all the instructions about that paragraph as well as resources. I need you to rewrite the entire paper with new citations, the structure of the paper is already done, so just follow the one I gave to you will be fine. Part I: China’s Diplomacy (1950s-now, 3 stages) 800words Part II: International humanitarian intervention norms (1950s-now, 3stages) 800 words Part III: National Interests (1950s-now, 3 stages) 800 words Part IV: Comparison between these three sectors (analysis China’s behavior base on three dimension) 1000 words Part V: Case study: Xinjiang Crisis, how China response to internal humanitarian issues? Is it really considered a humanitarian issue? 800 words

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