Tracking Software for effective screening process

Tracking Software for effective screening process

This is an assignment that focuses on Reviewing Application Tracking Software for effective screening process. The company is considering two levels of screening.

Reviewing Application Tracking Software for effective screening process

Assignment Context
In your role as an external consultant, you have been asked to assist HR in developing an effective screening process for job candidates. The company is considering screening at two levels.
·        The first level of  screening would is through using applicant tracking software (ATS), such as Taleo, Kenexa-Brassring, and Jobvite, to review applicant resumes. The company plans on purchasing this software from one of a number of external vendors.
·        The second level of screening would use an in-depth selection device to assess the competency level of job applicants.


For the first-level screening device:
Based on current research, determine both what an applicant tracking software (ATS) does and its basic functions.
After this review, provide the following information:
Firstly, what questions would you ask the vendor as part of the initial screening? Develop at least five questions and provide a rationale for each of these questions.

After the selection of ATS , how would you estimate the reliability and validity of the software? Be specific and describe your plan in detail.
·        For the second-level screening device, use the brief description below as a guide:
·        The new facility will be a multi-purpose regional office with 1500 employees in a variety of disciplines. The new employees will be hired for all positions, ranging from a regional VP and senior staff functions, to the customer service team, and the distribution/warehouse team with 400 employees. The new facility will be similar to eight existing facilities in other regions.

Secondly, identify a job that would exist in this facility and determine at least two competencies that would exist within this job. (Note: O*Net Online is a good source of information.)
Identify and justify two in-depth selection devices you would recommend to evaluate for each of the two competencies you identified above, based on both application and research information in staffing and selection articles.

Determine the pros and cons of using each of these devices to assess the competencies.
Lastly, describe how you would defend the reliability and validity of these selection devices.

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