Reframing Blackness in Media analysis on masculinity and femininity

Reframing Blackness in Media analysis on masculinity and femininity

This is an assignment that seeks to discuss Reframing Blackness in Media putting emphasis on the popular mainstream media.

Reframing Blackness in Media analysis on masculinity and femininity

Reframing Blackness in the Media In this assignment. You will choose a media item to critically analyze how race and gender intersect with other structures to produce cultural messages. Additionally, you will develop a response or an alternative form of media that address your criticisms. This assignment provides you the opportunity to both critically analyze a media item. Also, to develop a response or alternative version of this item that both incorporates your critiques and seeks an alternative.


Firstly, find a popular mainstream media item associated with images of Black masculinity or femininity discussed by Collins in Black Sexual Politics. However, this can be print or digital media that is one of the following:

  • An advertisement An article in a popular/mainstream magazine
  • A newspaper article
  • A popular YouTube video
  • A clip from a popular show on television
  • A clip from a news program *

However, the item must include an image or description of a person or persons, in order for you to conduct a critical analysis of race and gender.

Secondly, using what you have learned in this course, write a 2-3 page analytical essay* examining the intersections of race and gender in your media item, paying particular attention to how gender roles are constructed. Also, how Black men and women are presented. ******Consider the following:******

  1. Authorship (who made this text?)
  2. Purpose (what is the message? Who is speaking? Who is the target audience, at what social group is the text aiming at and how do you know?)
  3. Context (where is the source from and when was it produced?)
  4. Analysis/Interpretation (what is my analysis/interpretation of the text, how does this source reproduce and/or challenge images of Black masculinity and/or femininity? What is the text’s blind spots?) (Hint: use your course material)
  5. Alternative framing (How can you re-create the media item to challenge the imagery in the original).

Thirdly, drawing on your analytical essay recreate your media item to challenge the stereotypical representation of Black masculinity of femininity.

Lastly, use APA style writing and cite references. Additionally, please cite and reference the TEXTBOOK: Pickney, Alphonso. 2000. Black Americans (5th Edition).

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