Quality nursing care and ethical principles patient-centered care

Quality nursing care and ethical principles patient-centered care

This is an essay discussing the various aspects of quality nursing care and the related relationships and ethical principles. What are the benefits and importance of nursing to the society.

Quality nursing care in regards to relationships and ethical principles

In the beginning, define what is Professional Relationships. How will you develop therapeutic professional relationships with the people you look after?

Then explain your understanding of Person and Family Centered Care. How will you deliver person and family centered care?

Thirdly, state your understanding of professional knowledge in the context of nursing. Choose between explaining why professional knowledge is important in nursing? or defining one of the ethical principles (Autonomy, Non-Maleficence, Beneficence or Justice).
Fourthly, either describe how you plan to apply this ethical principles to your practice? OR Select one personal value and say why this is meaningful in nursing.
Likewise describe how this value will shine through in your attitudes to people you deliver Quality Nursing Care to?

Later, state why continuous professional development is a requirement for nurses in ethical principles. How can reflection enable continuous professional development?

Afterwards, drawn from what you have answered already, why and how will you adapt your Quality Nursing Care to meet the needs of EITHER an older person or someone with Learning Disabilities?

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