Quality and Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

Quality and Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

Module #7: Final Paper Assignment



Write your paper in a Word document using APA style. Consult the exemplar papers included in the Module 7 readings and the examples at the end of each chapter of the textbook. It is highly recommended that you use the headings and subheadings suggested below. You may add additional headings or subheadings if needed. Refrain from the overuse of quoted material; instead paraphrase the content into your own words and properly cite. Save direct quotes for powerful passages. Consult the grading rubric to be sure you address the key topics. As always, include citations to support your work. It is expected that you will have at minimum of 10 citations – you may have many more. There is no absolute page requirement; your goal should be to write concisely and clearly.  All papers will be submitted via the Turnitin program. The final paper is worth 35% of your grade – your grade on this assignment may impact your final grade positively or negatively by a full letter grade.



Title Page


  • Limit the abstract to 300 words. Include five keywords at the end of the abstract.
  • The abstract and keywords go on a single page.


  • Write the Introduction and Background to your clinical problem.

Ethical Considerations

  • Include a subheading in Section 0 to address the ethical considerations pertinent to the clinical problem.


  • Include your PICOT question from Module 1. Incorporate any feedback you received to strengthen your PICOT question. Include the background and foreground questions. Clearly identify each of the components of the PICOT.


  • Summarize and synthesize your search strategy.
  • Include keywords and MeSH terms.
  • Identify the databases searched.
  • Include the number and type of articles found.


  • Describe your process of critically appraising the evidence.
  • Include the level of evidence.
  • You may choose to present the research evidence in a table format (recommended). You may present the table in landscape orientation to facilitate readability. You may include it in the body of the paper or as an appendix.
  • The emphasis in this section is on synthesizing and summarizing the research evidence. It is not enough to simply include a table of the evidence; you must critically synthesize and summarize the research evidence (see the exemplars).

Step 4: Evidence Integrated with Patient Preferences and Clinical Expertise

  • Identify how you will incorporate patient preferences and clinical expertise into your project.
  • Address how this project addresses the triple aim of healthcare (improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care).

Step 5: PLAN TO Guide/Implement YOUR PROJECT

  • Describe the next steps in your project.
  • Identify the important stakeholders pertinent to your project. How will you include their input in the implementation stage of your project?
  • Identify any barriers (patient, clinician, healthcare system) to implementing your project and how you will address them.
  • Does your project require IRB approval? If so, which IRB? Describe any pre-implementation activities that you will need to complete to begin your project and your plan to do so.

Step 6: Potential Funding Mechanisms for your Project

  • Identify at least one source of funding which could support your project.

Step 7: Plan to Disseminate Your Project

  • Describe your plans to present your project. This may include poster or podium presentations, panel discussions, publications, etc. Note: the project does not have to be completed to present and discuss your plans with professional colleagues.



  • SAVE YOUR PAPER as a PDF, using the class file naming convention:

Module 7_lastname.doc

  • SUBMIT the completed document via Canvas, under the Assignments tab
  • DUE: 4/24/19 by 11:59 pm



Submissions will be graded according to the Module 7 Final Paper Assignment rubric.

The final paper must be turned in on time to meet the deadline for final grade submission. Late papers will not be accepted unless proactive arrangements have been made with the instructor. In addition, the following point deductions will apply:  five points for each day after submission deadline.

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