Diagnosing Chronic Diseases and Prescribing Medications

Diagnosing Diseases and Prescribing Medications


You are provided with symptoms of a certain disease, age of the person, and other details such as heart rate (HR), blood pressure(B/P) respiration (R), temperature (T), and so forth.


Using Evidence Based practice, answer the following questions thoroughly. Be sure to use APA formatting.

  • What is the pertinent positive and negative findings in this patient assessment?
  • Create a list of differentials with rationales for this patient?
  • Discuss a medication regimen for this patient considering his financial status?
  • What is the priority concern for this patient?
  • How does this patient’s comorbid diagnosis impact his current symptoms?
  • Discuss how the patient’s’ health beliefs, culture and behaviors impact the potential outcomes for the patient.



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