Purpose Grand Rounds is a professional conference

Purewick, femal catheter  Purpose Grand Rounds is a professional conference used to educate a professional audience on a research topic, related to a patient condition or situation that offers a unique or interesting learning experience. The purpose of this assignment is to use evidence-based practice and communication skills to research and present a clinical situation you have encountered in this course that relates to course concepts. Related to Student learning outcome (SLO) 1,2,3,4 Promote optimal health, Nursing judgment, Professional identity, Spirit of inquiry Related Program Competencies (Vary based on the topic the student chooses for their assignment: 4) Audience Nursing peers interested in your scholarly work. Due Dates Clinical instructor will determine written work due date prior to end of clinical. Poster presentation is due on Grand Rounds day. The Presentation is based on one of the following question categories of research. Search for the appropriate question category. Remember, the topic must have a nursing focus and not medical or disease process focus. Ask yourself, what do nurses do about this topic? Research question categories: Choose the most appropriate one for your clinical situation. • A. Bio-physical concept: New or unusual conditions or treatments The student will research new findings or breakthroughs in the care or management of a patient’s condition or disease entity. This question should reflect new knowledge and not just basic textbook information on the patient’s diagnosis, surgery, or collaborative treatments. Discuss health promotion or teaching measures that might have helped this patient to avoid the identified condition or problem. This report must discuss new knowledge and research concerning collaborative treatment or interventions that did or could have assisted in the management of this patient. Make sure your topic relates to nursing practices. Example: Jet ventilation Continuous Venus-venous hemofiltration. New drug therapies Written research paper criteria: (See rubric) A. Proposal Cover Page Purpose: Professional conferences issue a “call for proposals” and submission of objectives and a summary are the first step whether it one applies to do a podium or poster presentation. Concise writing using is essential to developing an abstract for a proposal. Directions: Proposal is to be submitted with final written paper to clinical instructor for grading. • Research question: The title of written paper and presentation. • 2-3 Objectives: What do you want the reader to know at the end of the presentation • Summary: This is a self-contained description of your presentation that makes sense when it stands alone. The following points should be covered in 4-7 well written sentences. o Motivation: Why do nurses care about the topic? What is the importance or impact of the issue?

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