PTSD Article for Discussion Board

Discussion Board Instructions

Please pay special attention to the Discussion Board Grading Rubric for specifics regarding how your input in the forums will be evaluated.

For this Discussion Board assignment, you are required to post 1 substantive thread (in at least 200–250 words)

In the thread, utilize at least 1 journal or book reference (besides the course textbook), cited in current APA format. In addition, you may use the textbook if you wish. Be sure your references are scholarly, peer-reviewed, book or journal articles only. Please do not use websites as references of information for your Discussion Board assignments. Direct quotes will not be counted toward the word count of the thread or reply (unless otherwise noted or unless a direct quote is required). Also, include a Bible scripture reference within your thread. Include an application of the passage to the topic about which you are writing, and not just a quote with a one-line explanation. Cite all sources used in the post in APA format, and list any utilized sources in APA format at the end of your post.

Discussion Board Forum # 2: Research Article

Read the Research Paper Instructions and Research Paper Rubric. Decide which specific DSM disorder you plan to research for the Research Paper assignment. locate one journal article to share with the class. Share your chosen topic with the class and your reasoning behind your interest in the selected topic. Within your post, provide a 150 word summary of one journal article that you are interested in using for your research paper, and provide the journal (full text) as an attachment. Include at least one direct quote from the journal article (not more than 25 words).   (Note that the entire post should be 200-250 words). All citations should be in APA format.

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