Project for selecting and implementing a new HR software

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to prepare a project for selecting and implementing a new HR software. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing this assignment paper in detail.

Project for selecting and implementing a new HR software

Please prepare a text document (5 pages of content + references) on the following points. You are the person responsible for HR Information Systems at the company Better AG, where you were tasked to prepare a project for selecting and implementing a new HR Software. Give an insight into how you would convince the board of directors for the HR software project and how you would plan such a project (market research, vendor selection, RFP/RFI, implementation, rollout, project timeline etc.). Pay attention to a meaningful structure and a coherent argumentation according to the case. Orient yourself on the following leading questions:

Phase 1: HR software selection

Firstly, what are the most important project phases, project milestones and deliverables in this specific project in chronological order?

Secondly, which stakeholders of BETTER AG do you have to involve in the project? What are their expectations, hopes, fears and attitude to the project?

Thirdly, how do you convince the skeptical board of directors for the project? How does BETTER AG benefit through the introduction of a new HR software? What are your key arguments? E.g. if you were the CEO … How do you make decisions? What information do you want to have?

Project for selecting and implementing a new HR software

Financial investment: you can assume 100 Euro per employee per year subscription fee (ongoing software costs) and 2 million Euro in total for the implementation through an external implementation partner (external onetime costs). Our internal efforts are not included.

Which selection criteria do you have to consider when deciding on a new HR software for our company?

What are the opportunities and risks behind the introduction of a new HR software solution?

What HR processes would you recommend to cover with HR software and why?

Phase 2: HR software implementation

Which implementation approach would you suggest?

Which project streams would you define? What are the most important phases in the implementation?

The new solution should be used internationally by all employees – how do you plan the appropriate training and also communication?

Where do you see a need for interfaces to other software products in the company?

How do you ensure support for the solution in the future?

You can find more information about the HR System market on and

The latter is only focusing on recruitment systems, not core HR systems such as Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Peoplesoft etc.

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