Evidence-Based Practice for Healthcare Professionals Patient-centered care

Evidence-Based Practice for Healthcare Professionals Patient-centered care

This paper focuses on Evidence-Based Practice for Health Professionals. This assessment requires you to present the results of (ideally) one of the articles you will use in your Assessment 2: Literature Review.

Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals

Assessment 1: Oral Presentation
Length: Three (3) minutes (maximum)
Weighting: 20%

This assessment requires you to present the results of (ideally) one of the articles you will use in your
Assessment 2: Literature Review.

That is, your task is to present an overview of a research article to your peers i.e. other students undertaking paramedic or human services programs.

Your challenge is to capture in three minutes and with no more than two (2) PowerPoint slides, the key components and overall message of the article.

After hearing your presentation, your peers should be left in no doubt that they understand what the article is about, the nature of the research, how it was conducted and what the key findings are.
Short presentation times are the norm at professional conferences. Another example of short scholarly presentations can be found in 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) competitions. Examples of these will be shared in class to give you inspiration and insight into what can be achieved in a short period of time.


Completing this assessment should:
Firstly, Increase your confidence in discussing research and research terminology

Secondly, Demonstrate your comprehension of a particular research article

Thirdly, Develop your ability to communicate research findings to peers

Fourthly, Assist you with locating literature for your Literature Review assessment piece

Also, Allow you to present in a safe environment in a focused but hopefully fun way.


This assessment will take the form of a three (3) minute maximum presentation accompanied by no more than two (2) PowerPoint slides. Your presentation will be recorded using the recording function available in Zoom. You will not be assessed on your production values or editing skills, but we do expect that you present yourself professionally, provide accurate information with correct spelling and grammar on your slides. You must appear in person on your video at some point.

Instructions: Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals

1. Consider the Aims, Task and Format of the assessment.

2. Choose a topic:
Firstly, Choose something that is of interest to you related to your discipline.

Secondly,  For paramedic students this may be something related to a clinical intervention such as medication management, or pre-hospital care of a particular injury or condition.

Thirdly, Alternatively, you may wish to look at research that is about the profession e.g. professional identity development in paramedicine, transition to practice for paramedic students.

Fourthly,  For human services students this may be related to practice such as approaches to case management, counselling styles or aspects of service provision to particular population groups.

3. Research the topic by searching the appropriate databases via the USQ library. You need to ensure a body of research literature exists about your topic.

Firstly,  Aim to collect journal articles that have been publish ed with in the last five (5) years, though articles publish ed in the last ten (10) years are acceptable.

Secondly,  It is acceptable to look beyond your own discipline if the topic has relevance. For example, human services students may find appropriate articles in the social work, counselling or sociology databases. Paramedic students may find topics of interest addressed in nursing, emergency medicine or sociology databases.

Thirdly, You may need to read material from other sources such as texts, government health department and other reliable sources and websites in order to give you the context and background information you need to understand the topic.

Fourthly, If in doubt about your topic selection, consult your tutor or course examiner.

4. Select one (1) primary research article to present. This excludes literature reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

5. Your presentation should include:

Firstly, Title, author/s, year of publication – include reference on first slide

Secondly,   Describe what the research article is about – topic

Thirdly, How was it done – research approach and method

Fourthly, State the key finding/s or most important recommendation – outcomes

Also, state why this is worth knowing – the “So what?” test.

6. Submit via Study desk
·         Submit your recording as an MP4 file (instructions will be provided)
·         Submit the Marking Guide as a word document with your name and student ID completed (provided on Study desk at submission point).

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