Phonemic Awareness or Phonics – Lesson Plan development

Phonemic Awareness or Phonics – Lesson Plan development

This is an essay focusing on the reflective analysis of Phonemic Awareness or Phonics Lesson Plan development.

Phonemic Awareness or Phonics – Lesson Plan development

Firstly, review online resources for relevant phonemic awareness and phonics lesson plan samples and short strategy videos. Then, provide a two page reflective analysis paper that analyzes the components of any of the phonemic awareness or phonics lessons and justify whether the selected lesson plan meet the requirements for developmentally-appropriate instruction for early readers and writers. Additionally, the Lesson plans can include those intended for Emergent Reader (LEA) or Beginning Reader. Lastly, complete your reflective analysis for the chosen lesson plan. Furthermore, be sure to make connections with any of the nine principles of what effective teachers do in the classroom.

Secondly, your response must include your perspectives on:

a) The topic, standards, and objectives alignments

b) Appropriateness for grade level, learner context of the lesson.

c) The Introduction of the lesson- was it appropriate? Would it pique students’ interest? Also, is there a better way that this lesson could have been introduced?

d) The Procedures- Was there a logical progression from the introduction to the first step in the procedure? Was ‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍there something else the teacher could have done to progress more smoothly for each step? Also, was there adequate provision for modeling and scaffolding learning? Were accommodations made for special needs students? Lastly, were there opportunities for small group and independent practice?

e) Closure: Was the closure appropriate? What makes you say so? Was the assessment appropriate to address the learning outcome? Additionally, explain why. In your best judgment, would this lesson plan keep students engaged?

f) Theory Alignment: Which theory or combinations of theories would you say is evident in this lesson? Why?

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