Philosophy of Special Education Advocacy by Pecha Kucha

Philosophy of Special Education Advocacy by Pecha Kucha

This is an assignment that focuses on Philosophy of Special Education & Advocacy. This is how it is presented by Pecha Kucha.

Philosophy of Special Education & Advocacy by Pecha Kucha.

As a reflective learner, it is important to articulate beliefs and elucidate underlying assumptions.  These mental habits inform our actions and influence the way we interact with others.  To this end, you will write a brief philosophy statement about special education and advocacy.  Thoroughly address each of the following questions:
1) How do children or adolescents learn;
2) What is the role of the teacher in learning;
3) How does lesson and classroom design support learning; and
4) How do teachers serve as advocates for their students.

Additionally, responses must focus on students with special needs and be tailored to your certification area.  Therefore, you should address children or adolescents (depending on your degree program) – not both.  Be clear and specific.  Use sources to substantiate your ideas; however, others’ ideas should not outnumber or replace your ideas.  Refer to “Written Expression” under Course Policies for more information.  Remember to cite references appropriately (in APA 6th edition style).


Firstly, how do children or adolescents with exceptionalities learn?
Secondly, what is the role of the teacher in learning (for students with exceptionalities)?
Thirdly, how does lesson & classroom design   support learning (for students with exceptionalities)?
Lastly, how do teachers serve as advocates for students with exceptionalities?

Subsequently, after outlining your philosophy statement based on the indicators listed above, create a Pecha Kucha that conveys your Philosophy of Special Education and Advocacy.  Pecha Kucha is a specific presentation format.  It includes 20 slides/images, each showing for 20 seconds.  (For this particular assignment, I recommend allocating five slides to each of the four questions listed above.)  The slides/images advance automatically as you narrate the presentation.  The entire presentation is under seven minutes.  This project requires a great deal of planning, rehearsing, and revision – in addition to technological skills.  Give yourself ample time to complete the project.  The Pecha Kucha can receive a maximum of 10 points based on the rubric below.  Finally, please upload this assignment to the appropriate spot in Moodle.

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